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Fire Mitigation

Colorado Springs Fire Mitigation


Before you ask what fire mitigation is it is the removal of fuels around your house that can create increased heat and exposure to your home in case of a wild land fire. Fire mitigation will help keep your home or business safe from serious fire damage in the event a wild fire spreads.

If a wildfire approaches your home or commercial property it will be less likely to spread to the structure and makes it easier for fire-fighters to do their job and defend your space. We have special professionals that are more than competent to take care of that stuff. Fire mitigation needs a lot of planning and analysis. It involves a lot of work to keep your property safe. Yes, you will be able to do all the work but it’s tiresome. Lind legacy tree services will do the hard work for you. We have experts for this job that have been doing mitigation for years. 

These experts are aware about all the nuances of this job. We will handle everything. We will give you a general idea about the whole scenario and procedure of the job when we will give you a quote for the job.

Imagine this; you have a spot near the forest where you keep your tools and collectibles very dear to you. You are in city for a couple of days. A wild fire breaks out and your storehouse and everything inside it burns to a crisp. Yeah you might have get an insurance claim but all the collectibles that you loved, will they come back? NO, but the fire can be prevented in the first case by having a fire mitigation done. We at Lind Legacy tree services provide the cure, a cure that will save a lot of trouble and money.

If you have any property near forest, it is advised to have a fire mitigation done. If you spend a few bucks in securing your property now then maybe later you will save a lot in damages. Make the smart move and contact us today and avail the benefits of our services.

There are a lot of things involved when doing a fire mitigation, some of them are.

· Trim tree branches inside the defensible space so that tree limbs are above the ground.

·  Clean gutters and roof so they are free of leaves and any debris.

·  Trim trees that hang over the structure or come within 15 feet of chimneys.

· Stack Firewood at least 30 feet away from any structure. 

· Remove trees that are weak, dead or overcrowded trees inside the defensible space.

·  Remove potential ladder fuels from beneath trees. This is any vegetation that will help the wildfire spread from the ground to the treetops.

· Keep grass and weeds mowed around your home or business.

·  Remove any dead bushes, plants or vegetation.

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These things will considerably improve the odds of your property being safe from a wildfire. You will have the benefits of your home being in the wilderness, the peace, calm, serenity without the dangers of it like wildfires. If you want to get the fire mitigation done today, contact us and we will give you an estimate. Try out Lind Legacy tree removal services and you’ll find that we did our job by the books and adequately. You won’t regret it. 

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