Colorado Springs Tree Trimming

Colorado Springs Tree Trimming

Colorado Springs Tree Timming

Colorado Springs Tree Trimming


Taking care of trees is a very important aspect of maintaining a beautiful and elegant property. The beauty of a property can be hidden if the trees cover it up that is why we at Lind Legacy take a delight in helping you maintain the beauty of your property by maintaining the trees on them.

Keep the trees on your property well maintained by booking us at Lind Legacy Tree Service . We offer a wide range of services in Colorado Springs.

We're experts in all things tree-related in our area. When we provide colorado sprngs tree trimming and tree removal services, we stick to the A.N.S.I. standards. This ensures the trees' continued health and growth. If you're searching for a reliable tree company in Colorado Springs then search no further because we have what you need: we are versatile, detailed and dedicated to the services we render.

Who is a Certified Arborist?

Only someone licensed by the International Society of Arboriculture should refer to themselves as an ISA Certified Arborist.. Anyone with this certificate has passed a series of complex tests and must complete thirty hours of study every three years. All estimates at Lind Legacy are performed by a certified arborist. When you are looking for tree spraying or disease diagnosis, you should only contact a tree company certified by the Department of Agriculture.

We are fully certified, licensed, insured and committed to providing quality tree services. With a lot of jobs in the arborist industry, we have the necessary experience to address all of your tree needs. We can handle trimming, removals and stump grinding. We can even obtain any necessary permits.

What to expect from us?

Services done on your time: We’ll work around your schedule and complete our services in a timely manner

Guaranteed, professional work: All tree work we perform is to the highest quality. Our arborists are trained to industry standards.

Peace of mind: Lind legacy arborists are determined to ensure that your trees stay safe and remain healthy.

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Reviews from Certified Customers:

Jean Laster:                                                             I am very impressed with the work they did. I had this tree blocking a side of my house and was becoming a menace. I called Lind Legacy Tree Service and they got the tree properly trimmed and have been managing it very well over time. They do a good job and I am ready to recommend them to whoever needs their services.

Martin Frost:                                                           I had a tree stump in front of my work shop that I needed to remove. Lind Legacy Tree Service came in highly recommended and they lived up to the services they offer. Their price was very reasonable and they are surely among the best in Colorado Springs. 

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